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1.) ruffian or hooligan

2.) the name adopted by a group of 'artistic outcasts', including Ravel and Stravinsky, in the early 1900s

French   A-pash   [noun]

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Besides taking great inspiration from the extraordinary artistic achievements of this illustrious group of individuals, we as a trio quite enjoy having a name few will pronounce correctly. The fact it means 'hooligans' makes it all the better.

Trio Apaches was officially formed by Matthew Trusler, Thomas Carroll and Ashley Wass at the 2012 Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival. It all began because we had such a good time together both on and off-stage. This little site is intended as a platform through which we can share some of our fun.

The Trio is named after an innovative and often controversial group of Parisian-based artists which formed around 1900. Its members included the composers Ravel, Stravinsky and Manuel de Falla, as well as painters, poets and music critics of the day. The group adopted the name after they'd inadvertently bumped into a newspaper seller who exclaimed "Attention les apaches!", and was embraced as an appropriate representation of their revolutionary spirit.

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